MagnaWave PEMF Therapy

"Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) is a safe and non-invasive method to jump start the body's own healing mechanisms. The pulses interact with the body on a cellular level, boosting cell metabolism and initiating a natural chain of processes that increase oxygenation of the blood and reduce inflammation. By manipulating the cellular potential through movement of charged ions we open the door for energy flow through the body which can lead to pain relief, healing, and enhanced performance."
         - Hillary Boothe and Blayne Weller, Certified MagnaWave PEMF Practitioner Human, Pets, Equine, and Live Stock

Equine, Pets, And Livestock

Equine Sessions last 20-30 minutes , Pets 15-20, Livestock 15-30 depending on size.

Price Depending on location and group rates.

What can MagnaWave do for my Animals:

-Reduce Inflammation & Increase Circulation
-Enhance Stamina & Strength
-Relieve Colic Symptoms
-Increase Range of Motion
-Recover from tendon, ligament, bone and muscle injury faster
-Relieve pain from arthritis and other degenerative conditions
​-Speed wound healing
-Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Osteochondritis, Epilepsy, Pain Relief, Chronic Organ Disorders, Vertebral Disorders, Aid in Fracture Recovery, Sprains and Strains, Depression, Asthma, Post-Surgical Recovery, Orthopedic Injuries, Immune System, and Allergies.


Sessions last 15-20 minutes

Price depending on location.
What can MagnaWave do for me:

-Reduce Inflammation
-Speed the healing of a tendon, ligament, bone, muscle injury or procedure
​-Relieve pain from arthritis and other degenerative conditions
-Utilize nutrition and supplements more effectively
-FDA approved to treat depression, anxiety, and migraines

Releases & Rules