With over two decades of experience and gifted with an innate talent, Hillary has dedicated her life to the journey of superior horsemanship. She began taking lessons at the age of 6 and never looked back. Hillary found her passion which lead to her purchase of a half Arabian mare named Promises who was the inspiration for the ranch name. She enjoys working with each horse’s mind and figuring out what makes them happy then sets a foundation in order to develop them to their highest potential. The horses always come first, and it shows in each horse that Hillary has in her training program.

As an instructor Hillary provides an empowering approach to confidence for the young rider that creates an open book for learning as they grow. Coming to Hillary as an advanced rider looking for more is answered with excitement and a full-hearted approach to give the most information possible to help take your horsemanship in any direction you please.

Hillary has been fortunate enough to work with some outstanding men and women in the industry. The knowledge and skills she has developed over the years comes from a mixture of extremely talented horses and great trainers to back her up.  A vast background of equine disciplines has shapedHillary to be the horsewoman that she is today. It is because of this diversified background that she believes in training the all-around horse that can meet any challenge with confidence and a can-do attitude. This has also allowed her to be successful in many areas of the equine industry with wins in just about every division including English, hunter, country English, park, native costume, western, side saddle, show hack, equitation, sport horse under saddle, dressage, and more. Prior to becoming a professional Hillary was a highly sought out amateur rider for trainers as she allows the horse to shine in and out of the show ring.

Hillary is dedicated to meeting the needs of her clients and the horses she works with. She believes in transparency and works with each horse as if it were one of her own. Whether your goal is campaigning for nationals or riding lessons Hillary is eager to share her enthusiasm and passion with each and every client. 


Hillary Boothe