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Rhodesian Ridgeback






The Rhodesian Ridgeback originated in the Kingdom of the Matabele before it became Rhodesia and then Zimbabwe. It worked as a hunting dog and as a retriever, took care of children and guarded property. It descended from crosses between ridgebacked dogs that were imported by Boer settlers in the 16th and 17th centuries that were originally kept by native tribes in South Africa along with breeds such as the Khoikhoidog, Mastiff, Deerhound and possibly the Great Dane. Its standard, fixed in Matabeleland, dates from 1922. Reverend Helm introduced two Ridgebacks into Matabeleland in 1877. Big-game hunters soon discovered, that if used in packs they were excellent in hunting lions on horseback, hence the breed's other name, the "African Lion Hound." The dogs did well in the African heat of the day and the damp, cold nights. The breed was imported to the United States in 1950. The Rhodesian Ridgeback was recognized by the AKC in 1955.​ A fine hunter, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is ferocious in the hunt, but in the home it is a calm, gentle, obedient, good dog. It is good natured, They are intelligent, skillful and straight-forward dogs that are loyal to the family. They are brave and vigilant.